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The #CJ25Socks Advent Calendar

Every day we'll be revealing a new sock on Twitter (giving you a change to win some prizes!) Take a look at the calendar below to see today's sock!

#CJ25Socks has come to an end! Have a look back to see everything that happened in the festive month of December!

What is #CJ25Socks?

#CJ25socks is the only advent calendar you'll need this December!

Each day we will be revealing one sock from our advent calander on Twitter & Facebook; get involved by answering, re-tweeting or sharing your story and win!
The person with the best response to each sock will get a £15 donation for their chosen charity and a special CharityJob Christmas present, from us to you!

You also have the chance to be part of our competition running from the 11th to the 15th of December to win a professional CV review and a £25 donation to your chosen charity! All to be revealed on the 11th! Stay tuned....

Every year we give back 10% of our profit to charities that work hard to make the world a better place.
Find out which charities we've donated to this year as the month progresses. You'll find out what they're doing to make the world a better place and understand why these charities have really blown us away!

Charities we have donated to

An international development charity working in the areas of building, education and innovation in Malawi. They pioneer new building methods, champion access to education and innovate high-impact low-cost solutions in international development.

Croydon Nightwatch aims to have evolved to encompass providing all urgent items for the homeless. To seek accommodation for the homeless and assist those able to take up vocational training and education, and also to befriend homeless people to encourage empowerment and confidence. 

Home-Start Merton has helped 66 families comprising of over 130 children to live a better life. Throughout the 24 years that they’ve been operating, Home-Start Merton has worked hard to offer local families with the support that they need to be present for their children and provide them with a future that they deserve.

Home-Start Merton

Prison Fellowship aim to see every life in prison transformed. They supported prisoners in multiple ways, with faith at the heart of their cause. Through prayer and working closely with prison chaplaincy, they aim to transform the lives of those serving prison sentences.

Herts Young Homeless

Established in 1998, the charity helps young people by providing assistance to care leavers, mental health sufferers, those with fractured home situations, as well as people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. And through their mediation service, they attempt where possible to help resolve family issues to keep people in their homes.


Fareshare is the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. Established over 23 years ago, it is the longest running food distribution charity. Fareshare was actually the child of a project founded by Crisis and Sainsburys. Their reach and impact has been getting greater, and in 2016/17 their food distribution contributed to over 28 million meals.

Magic Breakfast

Children going to school hungry is something that still happens in the UK. Did you know that over half a million children arrive at school too hungry to learn? Magic Breakfast does something about this for as little as 22p per child! Their mission is to provide a healthy breakfast to any child who is too hungry to learn. 

Based in West London, The Mulberry Centre first opened their doors in 2001 and have provided support and information to those affected by cancer ever since. They offer practical ways of enhancing physical, psychological and emotional well-being to all those affected by a diagnosis of cancer: to the patient, friends and family, carers and those bereaved. 

Mummy's Star

Women can find themselves with a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy, this can be a distressing experience and affect mothers through and after pregnancy. Mummy’s star is dedicated to supporting mothers who have cancer and their families throughout their pregnancy. 

Quaker Social Action

Quaker Social Action started with the aim of helping people with low incomes and having an impact beyond the people they work with directly. They aim to help and serve the people, families and wider community by running sustainable projects that last and have an impact. Today they deliver a fifth of their work across the UK and spend the rest of their time helping people and families in London.

All remaining charities will be revealed on the 25th of December! 

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